Korean students in Tampere - How to make the Finnish vocational qualifications count internationally?

Tampere Adult Education Centre (TAKK) in Tampere is hosting 18 year-old vocational qualification students from the Republic of Korea for the fall term of 2018.

Ten students with their teacher from Korea are acquiring competence for completing one or two modules of the Finnish Vocational Qualification in Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology (EQF 4) with the help of TAKK teachers and business partners. This is a case of commissioning qualification-based training from Finland to create competence for students outside EU and EEA, but doing the actual work in Finland, which benefits all.

The goal is clear: the agreement between TAKK and the customer from the Republic of Korea is based on acquisition, accreditation and recognition of competence from the sector. The learning outcomes of the students are certificated in Finland according to the Finnish education legislation and practice. When returning to Korea, the competence is transferred to the Korean education system by recognizing it based on the evaluation reports and the students’ certificates from Finland.

Learning the actual tasks in actual environment

During the training, the students focus on two modules – one in welding and the other in machine fitting. The objective is to combine theory with practice, guide and evaluate work in the workshops of TAKK. The students learn about work safety and the processes of the sector in Finland. They learn how to plan their work, act in accordance with the set guidelines and assess their own performance. They learn to use and maintain the tools and the necessary machines and equipment. Information technology and vocational English are part of their studies. The studies include also promoting health at work, maintaining the working and operating capacity, and applying the principles of ergonomics in work.

The program is rewarding for both the trainers and trainees

The group has one responsible trainer, one English trainer, one trainer for first aid and several vocational teachers in the technical field. The responsible trainer, Mr. Hannu-Pekka Talvinen, has a lot of experience in working abroad for multinational companies. His experience of guiding young staff members is now in full use, which is an asset to all. The student group has already passed their training and test for work safety.

For TAKK, the first qualification and training programs have taught how to make the trainings count for the benefit of our international customers. A similar program is under negotiation with the Korean education officials for the fall term of 2019.
Further information
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